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    Creams and Lotions

    Creams and Lotions

    Where you aware of anti-aging skincare when you were young? Any type of skin care was virtually unknown when I was growing up. My grandma looked old to me, with wrinkles and thick powder, and lipstick on shriveled lips. Now at 60 I can’t imagine that for myself, which begs the question, when do you begin a skin care routine?

    As we age we develop tired looking skin. Not only do we feel tired but that shows right on our face as wrinkles under the eyes, around our lips and other areas that can easily be addressed. Adding face cream, deep, dry skin hydration and learning how to know your skin type is the first step in starting to investigate skin care and how that applies to you. Does it use properties to mitigate scars and wrinkles? Then there is always the anti-aging miracle worker retinol that leaves skin looking radiant and youthful.

    I live in WA state and don’t hang out in the sun, so sunscreens are not a daily routine for me. However, when I am going to be outside I do wear sunscreen. If I were younger and out and about I would always wear SPF. For me, the essence, emulsion and ampules are covered by using Serums, which I love! I have a variety of serums and they do a variety of things. Eye cream and moisturizers end any time I wash my face.  I also treat myself every week to a face mask. 


    Ever think lotions are a bunch of hooey? Hyuraulic Acid, Retinol, Glycolic Acid, Vitamin C, Peptides so many names that must be good because they are trendy and very expensive. Or do creams and lotions conjure the idea that they are simply heavy and gooey and certainly not worth the effort? Not true. There are a variety of lotions from light to heavy that can be layered or used alone. Lotions and creams are another way to feel good about oneself.

    Makeup is great, but if your skin isn't properly cared for, all the makeup will cover up is bad skin. While dry skin by itself isn't a medical worry, without caring against wind and cold can result in tiny cracks and fissures that invite infection and inflammation. There's also the red, rough, scaly appearance lamented in many advertisements for moisturizers. Skin care is essential if you want your makeup to look its best.

    Korean skin products are the newest thing in skin health and beauty. Asian women are naturally born with delicate sensitive skin and are born to an area with very harsh weather. They have adapted over years searching out the finest products to enhance all aspects of skin care. As a part of a “rite” of passage is young girls getting to learn and do this starting at age 21!!! I was battling bad skin and refining my makeup at 21 and still used Noxzema to wash and baby oil to take off mascara.

    If you haven’t heard of the 10-step (in some cases 20) Korean skin care regimen you need to know now. Basically it looks like this:

    1. Oil cleanser
    2. Foam/cream cleanser
    3. Toner
    4. Essence
    5. Emulsion
    6. Ampoule/Serum
    7. Sheet Mask
    8. Eye Cream
    9. Moisturizer
    10. Sunscreen

    I have modified my skin care model to:

    1. Cleanser
    2. Toner
    3. Serum
    4. Eye Cream
    5. Moisturizer

    Full body lotions focus on the arms, legs, back, stomach and outer provide some of the best best whitening body lotion for dry skin. As we age, our cells loose elasticity and the ability to retain moisture. Full body lotions Have become a must for people over 60. Trying to decide which anti aging creams actually work intensely hydrating the whole body


    • luxury face cream, Korean skin products, dry skin dehydration all play a part in keeping your skin healthy and whole. Dried, tired skin will soak up moisture, reversing the signs of aging skin, wrinkles under eyes, scar skin, all leaving skin looking radiant and youthful.


    • best body lotion for dry skin, with intensive skin moisturizer best for those over 60, for which anti aging creams actually work by continuing use of  intensely hydrating body lotion.

    Our Lotions are designed for specific areas, (eyes, face, lips, neck, hands and body), each with different specialties, from a light to a heavy feel. Lotions for body, neck, eyes, face, chest and anything else - there is a lotion or cream for that.

    Check out our Collection. There is a lotion for you that can aid in building your beauty routine.

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    Article March 16, 2020

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