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    Gel Nail Polish

    Gel Nail Polish

    Gel Nail Polish provide a superior experience and product. Gel Nail Polish dry immediately upon completion of curing (90 seconds?) so the time and effort you save right away is priceless! Today’s Gel Nail Polish is considered a True Type homogeneous product by blending hard and soft gels. [Thus not hard and drilled off when your done or too soft it never sets properly.] Brush-on gel polishes pull ingredients from both lacquer polish and gel formulas, making them true hybrids. Thus, Gel Nail Polish provide a superior experience and product, when it is done it is done

    Most everyone, who knows anything about painting their own nails, usually doesn’t know any more than Lacquer, Acrylics and Gels. If you paint your own nails, it is probably with lacquer you’ve bought at the drugstore.  It takes care all week to set aside time, fix constantly occurring cracks & chips, smooth sheet imprints - you get where I am going. 

    So, personally, I decided I was going to learn how to do Gels. There are two types of gel, hard gel and soft gel. Today’s Gel Nail Polish is a more homogeneous product that blends the best of all Nail Gels. 

    I looked at a variety of All-Inclusive Kits. I put together everything I found, looking and checking to see what I did and did not need. Long story short, I figured out what everything was and what it did and went to work. Design ideas, nail art for gel nails and having the right tools is a MUST for any DYI project.

    • Just like Lacquer, one can put down four layers.
    • Then, unlike Lacquer, cure each layer (I go for 90 seconds – but you can do less). UV/LED curing refers to the chemical process that occurs when photo-initiators within the gel itself are exposed to the LED/UV or blue light.
    • Like Lacquer put down base coat and using a light nail file to file to roughen the top of each nail. Unlike Lacquer, the base can be black, white, any plain color or clear as a first coat or Primer. Cure.
    • The Primer layer will end up creating a background that will create your ultimate design. There must be a 1st layer and if you’re just doing a single color, clear base & top coat are a must have. Cure.
    • Next layer is you ultimate look for your manicure. These could be Cats Eye, Hologram, Glitter, Plain color, Stamping, gems/beads/gold or other embellishments. Let your spontaneous-nail-painter- self have fun. Cure.
    • If you choose a single color = that would be clear base, two coats of color and clear top coat. Remember to cure your layers at least 30 seconds each layer.

    This is the point where you choose you can put your Cat’s Eye look using a variety of magnets (magnets you say) There are some for sale here; HolographicChameleonGlitterStarryMermaids and more as the looks go on.

    So this is the big decision of the look you’re going for. At this point you can make mistakes (before the color cures you can just wipe it off), mess with some of your colors, play with jewelry, stick on designs, etc.  Remember too that you can use a complementary color or add fancy topcoatRemember to cure each layer under UV/LED for 90 seconds.

    Finish with a top coat, cure and you are good to go. With some time you will get better and better. I have heard that Gel Polishes last about 3 weeks, which is great! Gels are not a lot different than Lacquer, but they are a whole lot more fun.


    UV curing refers to the chemical process that occurs when photoinitiators within the gel itself are exposed to the UV or blue light. That is why you will see the new Gel Nail Polish in opaque jars rather than the clear we are used to.




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