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    There are many factors that make our lives beautiful. Silver Beauty Products is not only a window into the world of heath and beauty. Creams and Lotions, Facial Serums, Home Items, Hair Products and Gel Nail Polish is what we are  all about. Silver Beauty Products hosts a variety of other well loved products that add health, wellness, comfort and beauty to anyone's life.

    We have tested everything sold on this site (or at least used their products) and have done all the work for you to find the most effective product for whatever you plan. We diligently source from AliExpress in China. From face care to home care, we have tried it. If what you are looking for is not here, contact us and we will do our best to find what you need.

    Silver Beauty Products is about teaching good full body skin hygiene. One does not have to spend hundreds of dollars to get age defying miracle creams or serums. Know where to look, what your needs are and what feels good is what we are all about.

    So let’s recap. You should buy from me [acknowledging I am not Amazon nor can I compete with them] because:

    • Our prices are at or lower than most anyone else 
    • We offer quality products
    • While not a big name our products offer the efficacy of more expensive brands
    • I have owned a business before and understand the importance of my customers 
    • I have personally spent hours sourcing the items that are offered here
    • I plan to continue teaching about full body care and what other countries do [like Korea]
    • I have personally tried these products and am still here to talk about them.

    I am also sure there are other women like me, who want to feel good about themselves, how they look and who they are. I think skincare is for everyone and the earlier we start the longer our curb appeal will last.